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they symbolise the colors on all the flags throughout the world.

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Q: What do the official Olympic rings symbolise?
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What do the olympic rings singnify?

The union of America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia.

What does the ring symbolise?

The five rings symbolise the five continents in the world. The different colours of the rings are blue, black, red, yellow, green each flag in the world has at least one colour in the Olympic rings, in their flags

What does olympic symbolise?


Why do they have rings to symbolize the olympics?

The rings symbolise the five continents. They also symbolise the different skin colours of people.

What does olympic flame symbolise?


4 What are the names of this year's Winter Olympics official mascots?

Was there ever 3 rings on olympic flag

Why are the Olympic rings made of circles?

The rings are the continents of the world (No Antarctica and North/South America as one). It shows the world is one when they are at the Olympics.The interlocking rings denote unity.They are interconnected to symbolise friendships gained from international competion

Did there used to be only 3 Olympic rings?

no archeoligist found a monument with the five olympic rings on. Hence the five olympic rings.

Why were the rings interlock?

The Rings are interlocked to represent peace and unity between the continents. Racism and political veiws are not supported at the Olympic Games so it can also symbolise a time when all the nations come together as one.

What is on the Olympic meadls?

the olympic rings

How many rings olympic logo have?

5 rings

Why do wedding rings symbolize commitment?

They symbolise eternity - no beginning and no ending.