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If a player had the number 201 under his badge, that would mean that he is the 201st player to play for England in that specific form of the game

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Q: What do the numbers under the badge mean they change by player england cricket badge?
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Who is best cricket player in England?

The best cricket player in England is James Andreson.

What do the numbers on the front of the English Shirts in Twenty20 cricket signify?

If its 300, then he is the 300th Player to play for England.... And so on

Who is England's best cricket player?

Andrew Flintoff is the best cricket in England side.

What are the numbers on cricket shirts?

The numbers on the England Cricket shirts below the 3 lions relate to their cap number, These differ depending on if its Test Matches or ODI matches Andrew Struass is 624 for Test Matches and 180 for ODI and 9 for T20,321,BP.html

Who is the best England cricket player?

lan bell is the best player of ENGLAND

Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


What does the numbers on cricket shirts mean?

The numbers on cricket shirts refers to player numbers. This is similar to the jersey numbers assigned to the tee shirts of football players. It is used to identify the player who is wearing the tee shirt.

IS john stephenson one of the most famous cricket player in England?

No, He is not one of the famous cricket player in England cricket. Because, He just playes one test match for England where he scores 36 runs in two innings with highest score of 25 runs.

Who is longest serving cricket player in England?

Vilbrid Road

How old is the England Cricket player Marcus Trescothick?


What are the little numbers on the ashes shirts?

The number is located on the shirt beneath the England or Australian emblem, of every player. The number is allocated for each player that represents his country, earning his cap in the olden days. These numbers date back to 1876 where Tom Armitage from England received the first cap number for England. The test match was England vs. Australia.Every country has his own set of cap numbers, which is allocated to their players that have represented them in international cricket.The player keeps this number for eternity, as it was allocated to his name.

What is the average wage for a cricket player in England?

county cricket player (uncapped) 12k average premiership footballer 1 million top cricket player in England 120k top premiership footballer 3 million see the difference

Who is the oldest player to play test cricket for England?

Mike GAtting

Who is the current Essex cricket player who plays for England?

alistair cook

What are the numbers on the English test cricket jerseys for?

These numbers; found on the cap, shirts and jumpers of the players, shows how many players have played for England including himself, when they make their debut. For example, if Ian Bell had number 600 (if he does, it was a good guess), then it would mean he was the 600th different player to play for England.

Is flintoff england cricket team player live or die?

He is still living

Which Player played for India and England in cricket?

the Nawab of Pataudi............I believe it was ,possibly in the 1950s

Where does peter moores live?

Peter Moores is the current head coach for the England national team and is a former cricket player. He is from Cheshire, England.

Which cricket player made the first century in cricket world cup?

Dennis Leslie Amiss of England on 7th June, 1975. He made 137 agains India. England won the match by 202 runs.

Who holds the record for the highest score in test cricket?

Brian Lara a retired west indies cricket player does. He scored 400 against England in 519 balls

Which player made the fast century in cricket worldcup?

Kevin O'Brien against England in world cup 2011

Boring cricket player in the world?

Stupid England captain Collingwood, Tugger Historically it has to be Geoffry Boycott

Who was the first player to cross 5000 runs in test cricket?

Sir John Berry Hobbs of England.

Who is the player who scored two centuries for two different international cricket playing nations?

Eoin Morgan -Ireland Then England

Which English player of South Africa is playing for England?

Kevin Pietersen of England was born in South Africa's Pietermaritzburg in Natal. He also played cricket for Natal and KwaZulu Natal.