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There virginity

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Q: What do the losers of football lost when football was invented?
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Who are the losers in the All Ireland Football final?

The question was asked in December 2012. The losers of the 2012 All-Ireland Football Final were Mayo.

Who invented the California roll?

your mom's face losers

Who invented Santa Claus and why?

John a man invented sant when he got a present from Losers pizza

Why was the peloponnesian war bad for the winners as well as the losers?

the Peloponnesian war was bad for the losers because the Athenians which were the losers, lost their homeland and it was also bad for the winners because the winners were all the city-states and after the war they won a lot people lost their jobs and their home. It was also bad for the winners because the Spartans and the other city-states lost a lot of men afetr the war.

How long are the lower house politicians elected for?

get lost losers

Who invented oil lubrication and brakes?

That's how it feels losers

Did the Romans have plates?

No i invented the plate!!only losers don't know that.

Which country invented football?

England invented Football.

How many Georgia bulldog football players are there?

who cares, only losers like them

Why are sports team are named after birds-in football?

because football is better than than stupid soccer sport soccer is for losers

Why were the Vietnam soldiers treated badly from returning home?

The war had divided the nation; additionally, the war was looked upon by many as a lost cause. Consequently, the returning American GI's were looked upon as losers; losers of a war, and fighting for a lost cause.

What happened to the losers who lost in the war?

In the war if you lost you would of died in the war but if you are still alive and you lost the people that won the war got to choose how you died

What happen to the losers who lost the ball game in Mayan?

they were offered as a human sacrifice.

Did they have football in 1500's?

it depends on which football you are talking about soccer football was invented in 123 B.C. if you mean football football it was invented in 1923

Who was the Chinese person who invented football?

the English invented football

Who invented heart rate?

dang you are all fat a** losers so f*** off

How many red flags are allowed in a NFL football game?

four losers

Who were the Losers of both football cup finals in 1980's?

world cup was held in 1982.

Who invented the football helmet?

James naismith invented the football helmet

Who invented football pants?

was the first pare football pants invented

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

What sport was invented first football or basketball?

Football was invented in the early 1800's. Basketball was invented in 1891.

Where was flag football invented?

Flag Football was invented in the year 1999 with someone

Where football invented?

Football was invented by The Romans and The Greeks many years ago

Where was football soccer invented at?

Association Football (aka Soccer) was invented in England.