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Everythin they stand 4 everything :)

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Q: What do the linked rings in the Olympics stand for?
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What does each stand stand for?

In the Olympics? The colors and rings represent the colors of the flags and the rings are the continents.

What are rings like on a ring stand?

The 5 rings of the Olympics stand for friendship. Baron Pierre de Coubertin wanted all of the countries to join.

What do the rings stand for in the modern Olympics logo?

the rings in the olympics logo are yellow, green, blue and black because at least one of those colors are on every flag in the whole world.

The Olympic symbol comparises of five rings are circles linked together to represent?

to represent the Ring (continents) are together during the Olympics.

The rings in the symbol for the Olympics stand for what large bodies of water?

The rings on the Olympic flag stand for the five continents where the games are held.. Europe, Asia, Africa, south america and north america.

At which Olympics did the Olympics Rings debut?

The olympic rings debuted at the 1920 summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.

Why are the linked rings an olympic games?

the rings are linked to show the friendship and togetherness of the people which participate in the games

True or false.The five rings in olympics emblem stand for asia,america,africa and australia?


Why are the linked rings and Olympic symbol?

Why are the rings on the Olympic symbol linked?!They represent the 5 colonies friendship!

How many rings are in the Olympics emblem?


Can you connect 5 rings but without any rings being linked?


The rings in the symbol for the Olympics stand for what large body of land?

The five rings represent the five inhabited continents of the world.. Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania (includes Austrailia) The ring colors stand for the colors that appeared on all the national flags of the world in 1914