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they didnt stand for anything but Golf

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Q: What do the individual letters of the word golf stand for?
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What do the individual letters of the word 'GOLF' stand for?

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

What does the letters in beauty stand for?

They stand for the individual and collectively modified sounds we make to produce the phonetic we recognise as that word.

What is the Greek word for golf?

There is no Greek word for golf. We use the word ''golf'' or in Greek letters ''Γκόλφ''.

What does the word acronym stand for?

An acronymis an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. These components may be individual letters (as in CEO)

What is an anagram of flog?

An anagram is a word made from the same letters. The letters in "flog" can also spell "golf."

What is it called when the letters of a word stand for something?

an acronym

What does the letters in angel stand for?

Angel is a word not an acronym.

What does each letter in the word 'personality' stand for?

The letters in the word "personality" do not stand for anything. "Personality" is not an acronym.

Is the word alphabets equivalent to alphabet letters in common usage?

No. The word "alphabet" only refers to the group of letters; it does not refer to the individual letters themselves. There seems to be a tendency for people from India to misuse the word "alphabet" in place of the word "letter."

What does each letter meaning in a word music?

The individual letters in a word do not mean anything. You must combine the letters into a word to have a meaning.

The first two letters stand for a boy the first three stand for a girl and the first four stand for a brave boy you have seven letters What word are you?


What do the letters in Respect stand for?

They spell the word" respect" , in english.

Why is golf called golf?

It is derived from a dutch word meaning club. It definitely does not stand for gentlemen only ladies forbidden!

Is alphabets the right word to use?

If you are referring to sets of letters, then yes. But if you are referring to individual letters, they are called letters, not alphabets.

What does the DL stand for in the marlin 83 dl rifle?

The letters DL stand for the word Deluxe.

What is an 8 letter word that stand for a group of letters that stand for sound the sixth letter is B?


What word can be made from these letters FGORRVL?

The letters spell the 4 letter words flog, frog and golf. The letters spell the 3 letter words fog, for and log.

What do gd stand for?

The letters gd are an abbreviation that stand for the word good. Teachers would often use these letters when grading students exam papers and homework.

What do the letters in the word pride stand for?

The letters of the word pride stand for nothing of themselves. Together they spell the word, nothing more. A variety of different acrostics however have been developed for the word pride. No one of them is correct for everyone or every organization.

What does the word golf stand for?

It comes from a Dutch word "kolf" meaning stick or club. Not Gentleman only, ladies forbidden.

What do the letters in the word Quantas stand for?

Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.

What do the letters in the word laser stand for?

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

What do X and Y chromosomes stand for?

XX is for women, XY is for men. The letters don't stand for any word.

What does each letter of the word supervisor stand for?

The letters don't stand for anything more than they would in any other word. The word 'supervisor' is not an acronym of any kind.

What does each alphabet mean in the word computer?

Clarification needed. An alphabet is a complete set of letters in a language. The English alphabet is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. This is not in the word 'computer'. If you are asking what the letters in the word 'computer' stand for--they stand for sounds and units of meaning in the English language.