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The green dot is on the quarterback's helmet. It indicates the helmet that is wired to receive communication from the sidelines.

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Q: What do the green dots on NFL helmets mean?
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What is the purpose of small colored dots on the back of the helmets of NFL quarterbacks?

Those green dots signify that that helmet is wired to receive radio signals.

What are the colored dots on the back of NFL players helmets?

It means that the helmet with the green dot has the radio equipment in it and only the QB may have that.

What does the little green circle on the NFL quarterback helmets represent?

The green circle represents those players who have radio receivers in their helmets. You will usually see them on the quarterbacks.

What are the green stickers on the QB helmets for?

Don't know for certain, but I was told that the helmets with the green stickers were those with radio communications. And since the NFL would only allow one of those helmets at a time on the field, they designated them with a green sticker.

What does the shes mean on the back of NFL helmets?

Sandy Hook Elementary School

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In honor to NFL Players union president Gene Upshaw, who passed away earlier this year.

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