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Q: What do the following shirts have in common west ham number 6 man city's and Chelsea's number 25?
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What types of shirts does Faconnable sell?

Faconnable sells men's and women's t-shirts. They sell the following in men's: Sport shirts, dress shirts, polos & t-shirts, sweaters, blazers & suits, outerwear & jackets. They sell the following in women's: Shirts & blouses, jackets, knitwear & sweaters.

What are the shirts called with number 9 all over them?

They are called "Shirts with the Number 9 on them." You're Welcome.

What if you sold 500 shirts at 5.00?

You would gross the following:500 shirts x $5 = $2500 and no cents

Kristin spent 131 on shirts Fancy shirts cost 28 and plain shirts cost 15 If she bought a total of 7 then how many of each kind did she buy?

the number of Fancy shirts is 2, and the number of Plain shirts is 5. good

What is the color of the most sold dress shirts?

White dress shirts are the most common color sold.

What are t-shirts made out of?

Cotton most common.

What are t shirts made of?

Cotton most common.

Do polo shirts have the number 4 on it?

No they normally have the number 7 on them.

What are shirts made out of?

Shirts are made out of different materials. One of the most common materials for shirts is cotton, but they may also be made out of silk, wool, or synthetic materials.

What kind of apparel does the CP Company sell?

The CP Company sells the following types of apparel; MENS: jackets, fleeces, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, beachwear, and accessories. UNDERSIXTEEN: jackets/parka, fleeces, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, and trousers.

What do shirts weights luck flower have in common?

they are all made of matter.. :)

What number do football referees wear on their shirts?