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Q: What do the first three athletes of every event get in the olympic games?
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Olympic athletes competed in what event for the first time in 2000?


What event did Olympic athletes compete in for the first time in 2000?

A triatholon.

What decides how many athletes per country in the Olympic games?

Every country decides on its own that how many athletes it will send to olympic, first they compete before olympic and those who qulify have given chance in olympic.

What did the first olympic athletes wear while competing?

the first olympic athletes wore tunics made from Silk

Were ancient Olympic athletes better than modern athletes?

What year did the first ancient olympic games take place

Which athletes enter the Olympic stadium FIRST?

The athletes from Greece in honor of where the Olympics began.

How many athletes stayed in the first Olympic village?


Olympic athletes competed in a what for the first time in 2000?


What did olympic athletes compete for in 2000 for the first time?


What nation's athletes are always the first to enter the Olympic stadium during the winter games?

Greek Athletes.

Who marches in the Olympic opening parade besides the athletes?

I asked you first.

How many athletes competed at the first modern Olympic games?


What nation's athletes always enter the Olympic Games first?


How many athletes competed at the first winter olympic in 1924?


How many athletes took part in the first olympic game?


What awards were given to athletes at the first olympic games and what awards are given today?

the first olympic "medals" was a branch of olive leafs

What winter Olympic event was first held in 1988 and won by Canada?

Curling, but it was not yet a offical olympic event.

What do participants who achieve 4th to 8th in the Olympics receive?

The athletes in the first eight places in each Olympic event receive a diploma and public recognition. Only the first three receive medals.

The Olympic oath was first taken during which Olympic Games?

The Olympic Oath for athletes was first taken at the 1920 Games in Antwerp and the Olympic Oath for judges was first taken at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Who played in the first Olympic Games?

Athletes in the 200 metre foot race.

How many competitors competed at the first modern olympic games?

521 athletes

How many athletes participated in the first modern olympics?

The International Olympic Committee states that 241 athletes from 14 countries participated in the first Olympics.

What was the first olympic event in 1984?

tree chopping

Why was the first Olympic event held?

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What olympic event did the first woman compete in?