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Q: What do the different woods look like?
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What does the woods look like in The Hunger Games?

it looks like woods with a lake in the middle

What does mdf look like?

A smooth wood, made with different kind of woods glued and tight packed together.

What did Hollis Woods look like in pictures of Hollis Woods?

she is a orphan and she has brown hair and she has a big nose.

What does Tiger Woods left and right nipple look like?

probably just like everyone elses

Where are salamanders mostly found?

where I find my salamanders I look in a dark place like woods and then Moss then dig under the moss till you find them . plus their are many different ways too.

What woods are hard and what are soft?

soft woods are woods like pine, hard woods are woods like oak and manufactured woods is man made like mdf hope this helps a little XD

How does a burrow look like?

Go out in the woods and look for a hole; if a rabbit comes out of it it is a rabbit hole.If a skunk comes out of it, run.

What is the best look i can give for a home office?

This definitely depends on your taste levels! You can go with many different looks for your Home Office, such as a masculine feel with dark mahogany woods and heavy fabrics, or a feminine feel with light airy fabrics and lighter woods such as pine. I personally like the modern minimalist look with a lot of black and metal.

How does a 2 way radio work in the woods?

They usually don't work very well in the woods. But it works just like any other radio works. Nothing very different just because it is in the woods.

What will a hill look like on a topographic map How will a basin look different from a hill?

What will a hill look like on a topographic map? How will a basin look different from a hill?

What do rihanna's brothers rorrey and rajad fentey look like?

picture a monkey that was raped by tiger woods.

What does woods look like?

It is brown type wood in google imiges i answere everyquestion cause i am bored