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blue- happy
red- angry
green- sick
purple- in love
pink- excited
yellow- scared

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Q: What do the colours on divas mood ring mean?
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What do the colours on a mood ring stand for?

Well if u bought a mood ring it should have come with a little paper saying what they mean

What does a black mood ring mean?

Well on a mood ring Black stands for anger or stress

What does purple mood mean?

On a mood ring it means happy.

What does black mean on a mood ring?

Well on a mood ring Black stands for anger or stress

What do colors mean on a mood ring?

on a mood ring, the colours symbolize what mood you are currently feeling. For example, if you have the mood ring on and the colour is blue, it means that you are feeling sad. Or if the mood ring is black, it means you are mad.

What do the colours of a mood ring mean?

The colors of a mood ring change based on the temperature of your skin, not your emotional state. Typically, blue or green indicates a relaxed mood, while red or yellow suggests a more excited or anxious mood. However, the color meanings can vary depending on the brand of the mood ring.

What does pink mean on mood ring?

Love or mad

What does the colors mean on mood?

On a mood necklace or mood ring, turquoise or blue green generally means that you are somewhat relaxed.

What does blue mean a mood ring?

Blue means relaxed.

Is a mood ring like a promise ring?

I would think so I mean it is a ring and if he gave it to u probably

How did the come up with the word Mood Ring?

The mood ring was a ring that could (supposedly) tell your mood

What the green ring stands for?

Do you mean the green ring as in the olympic rings? if so, the olympic ring colours are the colours they are because every country in the world has at least one of the coulors in their countries flag.