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It's the Ping colour code system. The dot on the head shows lie angle.

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Q: What do the color dots mean on ping golf clubs?
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Are MG Golf golf clubs a good set of clubs to get?

Do you mean MD golf clubs? MD golf clubs are a decent brand, but they are not the best on the market by any means. They are an ideal set for beginners and represent great value.

What does the XL mean on golf clubs?

extra large

What does QL mean in JMAX QL golf clubs?

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What do the letters on golf clubs mean?

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

What does Hogan apex mean?

They are golf clubs designed by golfer Ben Hogan.

What does rac mean on Taylor made golf clubs?

It stands for 'Relative Amplitude Coefficient'.

What does dithering mean?

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What does cast mean in golf clubs?

Casting is when you release your hands on the down swing, before you impact the ball.

What is

Answer by FutureLPGAgolferWhat do you mean what is it? It's a website that shows which clubs are new and how they are good. Which putters are good etc. It's just one of those websites that shows you different golf clubs. Golf wrx = Works, so it's a site that tells you which clubs would be right for you.

What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?

They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

Does TGW sell fake golf clubs?

Well, the only golf clubs TGW sells are Callaway and TaylorMade. By fake, I assume you mean a brand that is not well-known. If that is what you mean, then no, TGW carries well-known brands.Im looking at a set of titleist cb irons. By fake I mean are they couterfit, or are they genuine irons from titleist?

What does it mean when you have white dots on virgina?

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What do the numbers on golf clubs mean?

The numbers on golf clubs indicate the angle of the club face, and what kind of loft you would get. For example, a 3 iron will hit a ball longer with a flatter trajectory than a 9 iron, which will hit the ball a shorter distance with a high arching trajectory.

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What do the dots on ping clubs mean?

It is the ping colour code system. It helps custom fit clubs for people. For example black is standard lie and blue is 3/4 of a degree upright. Full details can be found on the ping website.

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Yes. The 3+ is a lower lofted 3 wood that is usually half an inch longer in length.

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