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Q: What do the black and yellow Tour de France wrist bands represent?
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When idntify a coral snake what is key to remember?

The phrase is "Red touches yellow - kill a fellow. Red touches black - venom lack." The coral snake's bands are arranged in the order red, yellow, black, yellow. The king snake's coloured bands are in the order red, black, yellow, black.

What does yellow and black represent in kabuki?

Yellow and black together mean danger.I'm pretty sure

What are the colors that represent races?

black, white, yellow

Why are the rings yellow black green red black?

they represent the 5 contents

Why do wasps and bees have a bright colour?

Their yellow and black bands are a warning that they can sting.

What is the poem about coral snakes?

Assuming you're talking about the rhyme to remember the colour bands - to check which snake you're looking at...Red touches yellow, can kill a fellowRed touches black, venom lackThe colour bands on a Coral snake are in the order red-yellow-black-yellow.Those of the milk snake are red-black-yellow-black- The order of these bands is repeated down the snakes body.

Coral snake what is the key phrase?

Referring to the coloured bands... Red touches yellow - kill a fellow. Red touches black - venom lack. The order of the bands on a Coral snake is red, yellow, black, yellow. With the harmless king snake it's red, black, yellow, black.

What kind of spider is black with red and yellow bands on its legs and is in Maryland US?

black widow, if it bites it WILL kill you

Which colors do CMYK represent?

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black)

Why are the rings blue black yellow and green?

they represent the 5 contents

What is the value of a resistor marked with Brown Yellow White Black bands?

149 ohms, I believe.

Coral snake identification?

If you mean the order of the coloured bands - it's red, yellow, black.