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THEY POINT TO THINGS. Well apart from that it is generally used for hunting and killing

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Q: What do the arrows mean on shapes?
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What type of graphics Icons arrows shapes and lines are considered?


What does the leaf and the arrows mean on the president seal?

The arrows say that Americans will fight to stay free

Are quadratic equations resembling shapes?

The answer depends on what you mean by shapes. These curves are not closed shapes.

How do you make a flowchart in math?

Flowchart in maths is made with the help of arrows which represents the direction and shapes like diamond,oval and rectangles.

Difference between pseudocode and flowchart?

Pseudo code is a sentence-like representation of an piece of code.A flowchart is a symbolic representation of code, using box shapes and arrows.

Why do Japanese girls pose with arrows in their hands?

Pose with arrows in their hands? I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. They could be cosplaying as a character who uses arrows.

What does the surname fletcher mean?

Maker of arrows

What does two arrows facing in opposite directions mean?

Two arrows facing in opposite directions typically symbolize a sense of balance, conflict, or duality. It can represent opposing forces or directions that need to be reconciled or navigated.

What does solid shapes mean?

it means the shapes that has faces,vertices and edges

What do the down arrows mean in a text message?

The down arrows are there to scroll down to continue typing up the message.

What types of elements did Frida kahlo use wounded deer?

Repertition shown by the trees, the arrows and the horison (where the deer is wanting to get to) are the only geometric shapes.

What is a block diagram?

A block diagram is a pictorial representation of a system or process in which subsystems of other components are represented by geometric shapes joined by lines or arrows.