What do the Olympics celebrate?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Q: What do the Olympics celebrate?
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Why they celebrate the Olympics 2012 in London?

They bid to find out where to host the Olympics!

Why did Greece think of the Olympics?

To celebrate their god Zues

What happens after the medals have been presented in the Olympics?

they celebrate

Did they have mascots in the Ancient Olympics?

yes they did to celebrate ZEUS!

Why do you celebrate the Olympics?

stop asking me i dont know

Why did they have mascots in the ancient Olympics?

To celebrate the exsistence of their ruler, ZEUS!

What ancient games did the Greeks create that we still celebrate today?

They did the Olympics and the Pentathlon, which is running, Greek wrestling, discus, javelin, and jumping.

How often do the olympic games celebrate?

Every two yrs. But for example after the first two yrs the summer olympics take place but the next two yrs the winter olympics take place

Why is the Olympics important to people?

The olympic games are important to people because it brings all the countries together to celebrate this special gift of movement we have.

Why did Greek celebrate Dionysus festival?

to honor their godthey do many things besides festivals to honor their godsFestivalsPlaysand the ancient greek olympics ALL honor the gods!

The winning country in the Olympics is it determined by most gold or is it by most total medals?

There is no "winning country" in the Olympics. The games celebrate human achievement not national achievement. That being said, the US has won the most medals overall in all of the Olympics, Canada may well have won the most Gold Medals in a Winter Olympics and the US may well have won the most medals of any type in any of the Winter Olympics. I don't know which country has won the most Golds and most medals overall in the Summer Olympics.

Why do you have an Olympics?

AHEM! People think we have an Olympic to celebrate Hercules day of finishing the Myth: Hercules and the 12 tasks. So we have an Olympic! PLEASE NOTE: This is a question nearly no one can answer because the Olympics started years ago. This is what most people think. This is a serious note.