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Q: What do the Mexican football shirts for the world cup 2010 games look like?
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Where can one buy Chelsea Football shirts?

One can buy Chelsea Football shirts from the official Adidas website. One can also purchase Chelsea Football shirts from online websites like eBay, Amazon, World Soccer Shop and many more.

What shirts will England football team wear at world cup 2010?

England usually play in white shirts and black shorts as first choice, but their second color is red shirts and shorts as well.

Which player has played in the moast football world cups?

It was the Mexican goalkeeper who played in five world cups.

What is Mexico's football history?

Mexico has been playing football (soccer) since the early 1900s. The Mexican National Team won the 2005 World Cup and the 2011 World Cup.

What the name of player played more world cup football?

It is the former Mexican goalkeeper who played in 5 world cups in all.

What are good penalty world cup games?

football is the answer!

What are the most popular online football games?

There are many football games one could play online. Football Superstars which will allow one to play in a virtual world and Online Football Manager are both popular with fans.

Which online football games does EA develop?

EA develops the Madden NFL line of football games. Also because football means two different kinds of sports in the world they also develop the FIFA games as well.

Where can one purchase a Scotland Football shirt?

There are many websites where one may purchase Scotland football (soccer) shirts. Among them are Spreadshirt, World Soccer, Fruugo USA, Cafe Press, and eBay.

What was football developed from?

All the modern football games in the world would have originated from various games played in the middle ages, with balls of different shape. Out of these have come sports like Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football, American Football and others. Many of these games share similar rules and have obvious similarities.

How many games have the German football team won in the 2010 world cup?

They lost only two games.

How many games will were played at the World Cup football 2006?

64 matches.

How many football world cups has been played in Africa?

64 games

How are the women football matches covered compared to men?

They get covered less then the men football games. But their world cups are shown on T.V.

Which club takes the most football fans to away games in the world?

Barcelona does it has the highest fans towards it in the world.

What is background noise at world cup games?

It's a Vuvuzela - a stadium horn which is blown at Football games in South Africa.

How big a business is World Cup Football?

Second only to the Olympic Games in sport.

England football world cup games 2010?

June 11 Friday my birthday

What do the men in Ireland wear?

People in Ireland wear the same things as people from all over the world, football shirts, jeans, jackets, trainers etc. I know Im Irish

How does the football pollute the world?

Cause when you go to games the water the players drink they throw it at the grass

What is held in every 4 years?

Two examples are:- The Olympic Games and The World Cup (Football)

What other events are like the Olympics that bring people together?

The football and cricket World Cups, World Baseball Classic, smaller meets like the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.

What football team has the longest unbeaten home league run in the world?

Real Madrid 121 games

How often football world cup games are held?

every 4 years the next one will be in 2010

Is world cup football on ITV or BBC?

Both, although they will share the games between the two channels.