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are u talking about Kentucky

urm, no sports coach UK, the clue's in the name?

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Q: What do sports coach UK do?
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What skills do you need to be a sports coach?


How do you say coach in spanish?

Coach like a sports coach is Entrenador

Who is a person who gives special training in games and athletics?

a coach

How does one become an coach?

you're interested in a career as a professional sports coach, a Bachelor's degree is essential. Courses of study conducive to a career as a professional coach include physical education, sports medicine, nutrition and fitness, sports science, and sports management. Students in these programs will engage in a variety of sports, learning the game and how to coach it.

What is the plural of Coach ie sport coach?

Coaches or sports coaches.

Who was first sports coach?

the pope

Does a coach teach sports?


Do you need a degree in sports management to coach a sports team?

Yes u do need a certain degree to coach soccer.

Steps to become a sports coach?

You either have to play the sports and you can work your way up from scouting to assistant coach to head coach, or look for a college that offers sports management and you can graduate with a masters in sports management that way, or athletic coaching program.

What services does Sports Coach UK offer?

Sports coaching uk is a coaching company. They offer top quality coaching all around the united kingdom. There coaches go into primary schools and secondary schools across the country delivering top lessons.

What jobs can you get when you study sports science?

You can be a sports coach after doing this course.

What is difference between coach and mentor?

A coach is like a sports coach and a mentor is a person to help you do work

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