What do spirits like to do?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Well, I don't really believe in sprits I think that when we die we go to heaven. But I guss they would not be doing much anyway.

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Q: What do spirits like to do?
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What do evil spirits do not like?

Evil spirits do not exist, therefore they cannot dislike anything.

What do spirits look like?

the person who died

Who are Social Ghosts?

yes but the like to be called spirits

Why do ghost like to ride elevators?

To lift their spirits

Is there anything like evil spirits?

yes, the demon, devil

Do good spirits give off warm or cold sensations and feelings?

Spirits don't exist (if you mean, like, ghosts), so there can't be any "good spirits" or "bad spirits" giving off warm or cold sensations and feelings...

What do evil spirits smell like?

Evil spirits have been known to smell like Calatheas. Calatheas are exotic flowers found in the tropical Americas. There is no proven reason that evil spirits smell like this. But many people have reported and proven to smell Calatheas flowers when using ouija board or other methods of bringing demons.

What do Jews say about ghosts?

we say there are spirits not ghosts like the spirit of God and the spirits of angels and people EXTRA: there is 1 God and a bit of Him is in our soul

Is it true that dogs protect you from ghost and spirits?

dogs can not keep you safe from spirits or ghosts and i only know that because ghosts are not real and i don't think there going to keep you safe from spirits i mean like what would dogs do.

What are the release dates for The Osbournes - 2002 Smells Like Teen Spirits 2-6?

The Osbournes - 2002 Smells Like Teen Spirits 2-6 was released on: USA: 7 January 2003

Is the devil included in the ouji board?

No, not at all!! The spirits technically answer your question, but they are good spirits from heaven. I have the Ouija Board, and it is not dangerous like everyone thinks it is. Trust me on that. You just really have to be nice to it and it will like you and answer your questions accurately.

Where do ghost hide?

first of all spirits not ghost they can hide ENE were they like.