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They help you be able to drop in straighter and reduce weight

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Q: What do smaller sprockets on bikes do?
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Are the 8mm chain and sprockets found on the mini dirt bikes the same as 219 chain and sprockets found on go karts?

yea but i has to fit duhhh

What kind of wheel is sprockets?

Sprockets are a kind of wheels that have teeth to keep a chain in place an moving from the action made by another sprocket. Sprocket wheels are used for bikes and on roller chains.

Are fit BMX bikes powder coated?

Yes all parts are except for the stems and sprockets witch are anodized. I perfer you get one.

Why do bmx bikes have small sprokets?

Because they have small wheels. To get any speed out of a BMX they have to have small sprockets. It's all about ratios.

What type a material a rear wheel sprocket is made from?

A rear sprocket is almost always made of steel, as it has to stand up to a fair amount of wear from the chain. For bikes with multiple sprockets (AKA cassettes) you can sometimes find titanium sprockets to save a bit of weight on race bikes. They're horribly expensive and don't last very long.

What are facts about the pit bike?

They are smaller than normal bikes.

Could a bike have eighteen gears?

Sure. Older bikes can have 3 chainrings(the toothed wheel by the pedals) and 6 sprockets (smaller toothed wheels at the hub of the rear wheel). 3x6 would make 18 gears. Newer bikes can have two chainrings and 9 sprockets, also making 18 gears. Do note that with a set up like this although you get 18 gears you aren't getting 18 different gear ratios. Some combinations will be so close as to make no difference. In reality you can expect to have about 2/3 as many different ratios as you have gear combinations. Newer bikes can have as much as 27-33 gears as stock, which would allow for around 18 different gear ratios.

X pocket bikes are?

there is x18 x19 and x22 they are like sport bikes but smaller the x22 is 27in seat height

Will a bigger sprocket on the front give you more acceleration?

The key to better acceleration or higher top speed is ratios, but if you change to a smaller sprocket at both ends the changes will cancel each other out and leave you pretty much where you started. If you want faster acceleration go for a smaller front or for a bigger rear.

If you get a bmx bike from target is it real?

The BMX bikes that you buy at Target and or Walmart are not the same BMX bikes that are used in BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle. Real BMX bikes are lighter, they have diiferent size sprockets among many other things. Feel free to google the National Bicycle League or the American Bicycle League to get more information.

Will a Yamaha dragstar 650 engine bolt on to a Yamaha 125 dragstar?

yes it will, they are the same bikes exept for some few details and the engine, you would also need to swap the chain and sprockets

Are bmx bikes different from mountain bikes?

bmx's are made for trick and stunts and only have one gear & they don't have suspention they are also smaller , mountain bikes are more for terrain because they have gears and suspention and are a bigger