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Q: What do say when someone is getting married?
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What should you say in a card to a girl whose getting married?

what do you say to a girl that is getting married in a short sentense

Why does someone say they are divorced when they are really married?

There are some married men that will say they are divorce to get a woman to go out with him. But you can find a lot of men who are married inside the dating site. Reason is they want to play around because their married life is getting boring to them..

Is getting married a good thing?

Yes. Getting married is godd because you can spend your life with someone forever.

Is perrie getting married to Zayn Malik?

Yes that getting married don't worry ladies you will find someone

What does it mean when you see a wedding?

Someone's getting married.

What do you say when someone say the just eloped?

They were just married

Anu hassan is she married?

she is not married now(was married) but apparently she is getting married with someone this year!!!end of this year 2010

Is Daniel Radcliffe getting married to someone on Harry Potter?


Did zac and vanessa comfirm that they are getting married?

i think that he might of said that they were getting married i just wanna say that they rock

Who is Victoria Justice getting married to?

I would say Robbie

What does the Qur'an say about reproduction?

It is a factor of life, Such as getting married.

Why did Selena Gomez say no to getting married?

because she thinks she is too young to get married and she is right