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Referees in football wear a referee uniform. Usually this consists of black pants with a black and white stripped shirt.

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Q: What do referees wear in football?
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What is the number of international football referees in Africa?

Referees do not wear any numbered jerseys.

What Color of hat does the football referees wear?


What number do football referees wear on their shirts?


Do referees and linesmen have to wear shin guards in football?


Why do football referees wear striped shirts?

To stand out from the players

Who picks the referees for football matches?

The Football association relating to those matches will choose the referees from the set panel of referees that they have.

How many referees in college football?

There are 7 referees in a game.

What do tennis referees wear?

they wear jeggins

When was British American Football Referees' Association created?

British American Football Referees' Association was created in 1984.

What does referees wear in football?

they wear black shorts black top and black socks the black top has white stripes onit so they can stand out

Why is there an umpire in football?

No, just referees.

Who are the officials of a football game?


How many soccer referees on field at once?

3 referees are in soccer and football

Why do college football referees wear one blue sleeve?

BLUE REFS: The Pac-10's referees will wear blue sleeve covers during the league's five games this weekend to raise awareness of prostate cancer

Why can't you wear a nike visor in high school football?

The referees need to be able to see your eyes at all times.

What do referees use flags to indicate in an American football game?

In American football referees use flags to indicate various penalties.

How many referees on a football field?


Who controls the whole game in football?

The referees.

What do most English football referees do for a living?

Some referees are lawyers, policemen, firefighters and so on.

What do you call people in a football match?

players, match officials, Referees, assistant referees, stewards

Why do wrestling referees wear microphones?

They don't

Can a football referees assistant wear a cap?

Yes, both referee assistants can wear a cap during a match, as the sun may get in their eyes and not see a crucial part of a game.

Do referees have to wear shin guards?

If you're talking about soccer referees, I don not believe so.

Is referees in football an the judicial branch similar?

What the @%#^ are you talking about?

How many referees in a pro football game?