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pole vaulters wear tight spandex for the bottom shorts or under armor. for the tops they wear tank tops or tight fitting tops. for the shoes they wear spikes.your welcome and have a nice day=]

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2009-01-16 03:10:08
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Q: What do pole vaulters wear?
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How do pole vaulters train?

They pole vault

What are athletes called when they pole vault?


Who are some famous pole vaulters?

steve hooker

Do high school pole-vaulters have to supply their own pole?

Generally, I don't think so. I haven't heard of any high schooler who has to provide their own pole. My school provided poles for the pole vaulters. Hope this helps!

How many attempts are pole-vaulters allowed?

pole vaulters are allowed three attempts per height. i.e. three attempts at 6 ft, three at 6'6", and so on.

Who is the most famous pole volter?

I don't know of any "pole volter", but of "pole vaulters", the most famous is Sergei Bubka.

Do pole vaulters have to supply their own pole vault?

I believe they supply them themselves and can have up to around 3 poles each.

How do pole vaulters propel themselves high into the air?

The pole acts like a spring, that is why it bends so much at the start of the jump.

How many attempts are allowed at pole vault?

Vaulters are allowed three (3) attemtps at each height.

Can a pole vault pole get wet an still be used for jumping purposes?

Yes the poles will be undamaged make sure the vaulters hands are dry and tape is dry so the vaulter doesn't slip.

What is the best jumping spikes for track?

The best depends on which event you are competing in, but I assume you mean one of the horizontal jumps. Long jumpers, triple jumpers and pole vaulters normally wear similar shoes. Normally the long jump shoes don't have as thick of a heel as the triple jump shoes. Pole vaulters almost always wear a long jump or triple jump shoe but some prefer sprinting spikes, although these offer no heel protection and I wouldn't recommend them. A site that would be the best for ordering jumping spikes, or any spikes for that matter, is First to the Finish, and their URL is

What types of poles were there for pole vaulting?

In "olden" days, poles might have been made out of aluminum, which is pretty much the same material as the bar that vaulters try to vault over. However, nowadays vaulters use poles made of fiber-glass, which is much lighter and more flexible. Pole lengths may vary, but the minimum is usually (unofficially) around 12ft. and the max depends on the height you are attempting to vault over.

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