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they would say checkmate if the king is trapped and cant get out that usually wins the game

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Checkmate or a stalemate if neither player can put the other in a position where their king is trapped

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Checkmate/stale mate/ Draw

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Q: What do people say at the endof a chess game?
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What is life more related to checkers or chess?

Life is more related to chess than checkers, and as they say life is a game of chess, not checkers.

Which is better Monopoly or the Game of Life?

well chess is very complicated but monopoly can go on for days so I would say chess if your having guest, but if its someone you live with I would say monopoly.

Who walk out in chess game?

Your question is impossible to answer because I am unsure of what you are asking because you didn't use a complete sentence and spoke in broken English. Sorry, but I'll try to anyway. I'm going to assume you meant to say "Who can walk out in a chess game". Anyone can walk out on a chess game you are in control of your own body. But if you walk out on the chess game that counts as a forfeit.

Why does people say kill in chess than capture?

Chess is based off of war. Also it's just a habit.

Is chess cool?

Chess is SO COOL because you get to battle other people and protect your king and queen. I loved checkers, but when my enemy in checkers discovered chess, i had no one to battle. So i tried chess. And it was like the best game ever invented! So, honestly, I'd say, chess is cool.

How do you say chess in Chinese?

To say "chess" in Chinese is as follows: 棋

What year was chess made?

Most historians say that chess started in the 5th and 6th Centuries AD in India.

How do you get good in chess?

To improve your chess game , read chess books on tactics and strategy , play better opponents whose skill level is higher than yours , compete against a chess computer and practice over and over again .

When you beat someone at chess what do you say?

When you beat someone in a chess game, you want to be polite. You should always say "good game" and shake hands with your opponent after every game, regardless of the results. And if you want, you can compliment them on their playing, and even point out a few moves you really liked, or think they could improved on.

Which is the highest title in chess that a chess player can attain?

i would say the title is called a grand master. And these type of people can attain 2000+ ratings

Do you say chess in French?

Échecs is the word for chess in French.

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While that is a matter of opinion, some people, such as me, would say that in the first book he let himself be knocked off that knight on the chess game which was pretty chivalrous.