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People in England call soccer 'Football'.

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Q: What do people from England call soccer?
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Related questions

What do people in England call soccer?

foot + Ball = Football very self explanatory unlike soccer

What group of people invented soccer?

football was invented in England in the Middle Ages. Only Americans call it "soccer".

How can Culture affect sporting performance?

in some cultures such as England if you come from America and you go to England to play soccer then you'll have trouble because people from England call soccer football and if you don't know what it means then they will think that you want to play football. Because they also call football soccer. and then you will be playing football instead of soccer and that can affect your sporting performance.

Why does England called soccer football?

its because thats how they want to call it just like spanish people call it futbol

Is soccer right or football?

their both right because U.S.A call soccer and England call football

What is real English football called?

What some people might call soccer, is called Football in England.

Does England call soccer a different name?

Yes. They call it football.

What nation created soccer?

Soccer (some call it football) originated in England in the 1800s.

What do they call soccer in Australia?

Generally people just call it Soccer but some people who actually play, coach or watch a high level of Soccer/Football will call it Football.

Is soccer played in England?

Yes, but the English call it football.

What is an American sport popular in England?

Soccer but they call it football

What do you call the game known as football in England?

We call it football. Other nations call it soccer.

What did the people originally in London England call the place London England?

People from London NEVER call it 'London England', they just call it London. Only people from the USA call it 'London England'.

What are the national pastimes in England?

soccer, But they call it football. And Also cricket.

How many people can an average soccer stadium seat in England?

On average, the stadiums in England hold 36362 people.

How many people in England watch soccer?

98% of the people

Hew were the first people to play soccer?

People were playing something like soccer since ancient times. But modern soccer was created in England.

What sport does England watch?

Football (Americans call it soccer) as well as Cricket.

What do people call soccer?


What do japan people call soccer?

I think they call it shuukyuu.

What sports do the people of England play?

soccer and cricket

What do we call the game knowen as football in England?

It is football in Britain, and soccer in America.

Are football and soccer the same sport?

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

What sport do people in England play?

People play lots of different sports in England, but probably the most popular are football (soccer), cricket (which is sort of like American baseball), rugby (which is sort of like American football), and tennis.In England people play cricket, football (soccer),basketball and mant othersFootball (soccer), cricket, rugby, tennis,, Polo, Rugby, Soccer (but they call it football)England's national sport is cricket although to many people football (soccer) is seen as our national sport. Football is our most popular sport. Some of England's football teams are world famous, the most famous being Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

What do british people call football?