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The same as people do whilst watching anything.

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Q: What do people do while watching a sports game?
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Tell you something on tv that people make predictions while watching?

weather, sports, game shpws, crime mystery, soap opera

Why do we need team sports in the Olympics?

it is cool dude yup....and there are some people who actually LOVE watching team sports!!!! I think it makes everything more exciting!!!! For example....I love badminton....but watching a singles game is really boring!!!! I don't know....some people have different views....

What is difference between playing sports and watching sports?

Playing Sports is giving the exercise and fulfilling a enjoyable activity Watching Sports is actually the same thing, your in the action, imagining yourself in that game, but you not moving. So the action part is really the difference.

Did you like the game?

People likes watching sports games because they can cheer on their favorite teams. People may also enjoy video games because they are fun and entertaining.

What is the collective noun of watching a match?

What is the event where people from around the world participate in many kinds of sports in one place?

What is people watching a game called?


A number of people watching a match?

Depends on the game.

Why do people get passionate when other people play game?

As a player, you can feel a rush of adrenaline and excitement when another player on your team does something good/positive for the game you are playing. participating in a team sport builds you another family where everyone supports, encourages, and fights for each other and the benefit of the team as a whole. As an audience member, people tend to get passionate about the game they are watching, because sports can really pull you into the action. If you're a fan of a team and it is currently a clutch situation or a big game, you get a rush of adrenaline too just as a player would. When watching a sport, i often forget that I'm just watching a TV and get excited and clap and yell at the TV and everything. its just a natural thing to support "your team" and feel "pumped up" while watching them perform/play.

In the book westing game Why was Chris watching legs at while he was at the party?

He was seeing who was limping.

How many people was watching the worldwide Super Bowl game?


What does Emmett shout while watching a football game in breaking dawn?

woo go gotors

Looking for a commercial that aired around April 2004 on ESPN where a man named uncle mac died while watching baseball game?

man died while watching red sox yankee game 6 died on porch his nephews found him