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The athletes in the first eight places in each Olympic event receive a diploma and public recognition. Only the first three receive medals.

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Q: What do participants who achieve 4th to 8th in the Olympics receive?
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What medals do 4th through 8th place winners receive in the Olympics?

The winners of 4th through 8th place in the Olympics do not receive any medals. Only the 1st through 3rd place winners get medals.

What do the 4th 5th and 6th place-getters receive in the Olympics?

I think just ribbons. The 1st 2nd and 3rd place-getters get Medals.

In what Olympics did Australia achieve its best ever gold medal tally?

I's say Sydney 2000. OI think we finished 4th or 5th then.

Who cheated in the Olympics?

John Hanson the 4th cheated in the 1563 olympics

What place did Britain finish in the Beijing Olympics?


When was stratford chosen for Olympics?

4th July 2005!

What place did Britain come in the Olympics?

Great Britain was in 3rd for most the Olympics but by the end of the Olympics Great Britain dropped down into 4th.

Was One direction singing at the Olympics closing ceremony?

They were, and we're 4th on.

How did debbie tanner get to the Olympics?

Finished 4th in the Qualifying race in Beijing.

The winter Olympics are held after how many years?

every 4th year

Which place did india secure in the 1956 olympics in football?

4th place

Has Michael Phelps competed in 4 Olympics?

Yes 2012 is his 4th olympics because he was on the team as a 15 year old in sydney on 2000.