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The Hall of Fame busts are cast in bronze.

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Q: What do nfl hall of famers get their face carved in?
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What South Carolina college has the most nfl hall of famers?

South Carolina State has Three Hall of Famers

Which NFL team had the most people going to the Hall of Fame?

The Bears with 26 Hall of Famers

Who has the players in the NFL hall of fame?

The Chicago Bears/Decatur Staleys franchise has produced 27 Hall of Famers.

How many hall of fame nfl players came from U of Tenn?

There are two Hall of Famers who went to the University of Tennessee, Doug Atkins and Reggie White.

What NFL team has the second most players in the Hall of Fame?

The Green Bay Packers have produced 21 Hall of Famers, five fewer than the Chicago Bears.

What is a NFL hall of famer's salary?

IF you are a great player who stood out above the rest for the duration of your NFL career. AND you are lucky enough to be enshrined forever in canton. You will be paid 500k a year for the rest of your life- by the NFL.

How many NFL hall of famers went to TCU?

2 ... QB Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins and DT Bob Lilly of the Dallas Cowboys.

Which NFL team has the least hall of famers?

The Carolina Panthers have had only one player who has played for them (Reggie White in 2000) elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the number one team in the NFL?

If you are looking at super bowls then yes but overall championships the bears would be the leaders as well as in hall of famers.

Where does grambling rank on list of colleges that produced most nfl hall pof famers?

Tied for 13th. Grambling has produced 4 Hall of Famers (Willie Davis, Buck Buchanan, Charlie Joiner, Willie Brown). Schools that have produced more Hall of Famers (through 2011) ... 1) USC - 11 2) Notre Dame - 10 3) Michigan and Ohio State - 8 4) Alabama and Syracuse - 7 5) Pittsburgh, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon - 6 6) Penn State and Southern Methodist - 5 Tied with Grambling with 4 Hall of Famers are Purdue, San Francisco, Texas, UCLA, Morgan State, Miami, and Arizona State.

The wolrds best NFL team?

1985 Chicago Bears: 15 wins, 1 Loss Won Superbowl 46-3 Most Hall of famers on a single team in Sports history

Who is the third NFL team with the most hall of fame players?

The Chicago Bears have produced 27 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.