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It all really depends.

Most Junior and Minor Clubs around an area usually wear a Netball skirt, and just a T-Shirt representing their teams.

However, State, National and International teams tend not to wear those outfits, and usually (and normally) wear 'Netball Dresses' - Google Image them up, if you still don't get what I'm saying. And for an example, look up on YouTube an International match and you'll be able to see that there are many different styles and colours for every team :)

Hope this helped!!

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Q: What do netballers wear?
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What shoes do Netballers wear?

Asics is a common footwear brand that most netballers wear. However there are a wide variety of shoes that are specifically designed for netball.

Why do netballers wear a uniform?

Because it represents the country town or school you play for.

Why do netballers wear dresses to play a netball game?

Most netballers wear dresses but some wear a skirts and tops. The reason for the short dresses is because they're mad out of light material so not only will it keep them cool and refreshed but because they are short they can't get caught on anything and they don't catch the wind. Therefor they can run faster and not have to struggle.

What is the collective noun for netballers?

A collective noun for netballers is fields.

What do netballers do?

play netball

A netballers diet?

Netballer don't diet.

How much do netballers get paid?


How much do England netball players get paid?

England Netballers do not receive any pay.

What is bad about netball?

The main problem is injury. Lots of netballers get injuries - especially in the knees.

Why is flexibility needed when playing netball?

Flexibility is essential in Netball. This is because Netballers need to be able to stretch far, for interceptions and receiving passes. Also, Netballers need flexibility to change direction (dodging) and pivoting (moving the body and legs). Flexibility is also essential when preventing injury, e.g. preventing cramp and pulled muscles when moving around the court.

What qualifications do netballers need?

Netball is a non-contact sport similar to basketball. It is usually known as a women's sport.

Why do netballers need to be flexible?

they need to be flexible so that they jump, intercept/tip the ball and also reach back to win the ball.

Who are the three silver fern netballers?

The team itself is of 10 people, with hundreds having played for them in the past. there are far more than just 3 Silver Ferns.

Why does netball players need balance?

Netballers without balance are like fish without fins. Fish are boring enough to watch, imagine them fin-less and hobbling around on the bottom of the fish tank. Not a very interesting or productive way of living. Same goes for netballers, just laying there on the court, that assumes their lack of balance can actually get them to the court in the first place... of course if you mean why do netball player need balance equivalent or better than the average person, then thats a different discussion all together.

What does a netball player do while not playing netball?

Apart from training and playing netball, netballers don't do anything different to what other people do. We are still normal people who go to school, study, play sport and enjoy going out with friends.

Who are famous netballers?

Famous Netball players are Vicky Wilson , Irene Van Dyk , Catherine Cox , Liz Ellis , Adiene Wilson.irene van dyk casey Williams Laura langman adine Wilson

Who is a famous Australian netball player?

Famous Australian Netballers: Liz Ellis Sharelle Mcmahon Catherine Cox Irene Van Dyk Natalie Von Bertouch

What training do netballers do?

A netball team in training usually has a coach who picks up their weak spots in game. During training the coach gives advice to the team and use a technique that can help strenghten their weak spots. The most common use of training is to level up the teams fitness level.

What nutrients do netball players need?

The nutriends netballers need are: 1. Grains and bread. 2. Lots of Dairy. 3. Lean meat (red). 4. Lots of exercise. 5. Drink lots of water.

Do sport stars give to charities?

it depend on the sports star. some are snotty and keep the money, while others share. But usually it's because they don't get paid much. Some sport stars get paid lots, and others don't. Example; netballers, they only get $4000 per year!

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