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Q: What do more people watch the super bowl or the Oscars?
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How many people watch the first Super Bowl?

at least 22 million people with TV sets watch the 1967 super bowl ( the first super bowl )

What do people watch more the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl.

What show came first Super Bowl or Oscars?

The Oscars

How many people watched 2011 Super Bowl?

111 million people in the U.S. watch Super Bowl XLV.

How can you watch the Super Bowl on Dish network if CBS is not in their lineup?

How. Can I watch the super. Bowl if I have dish

How many people watch the Super Bowl in the US?

An estimated 111 million people watched the 2012 Super Bowl, according to Nielsen Ratings.

Why do they have Super Bowl commercial?

because they can charge more for airtime because alot of people watch the super bowl and it's profitable

How many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials?


What percentage of people watch the Super Bowl alone?


How many foreign people watch the Super Bowl?


Watch Super Bowl online?

i believe many people do

Do more people watch WrestleMania than the super bowl?

Answer: No. The Super Bowl is constantly the most watched program of the year. Plus, the Super Bowl is on broadcast stations, while Wrestlemania is on digital cable.

How many people usually watch the super bowl?

your mom 687328998240

How many people watch the Super Bowl worldwide?

300 million

What percentage of people will watch the super bowl alone?

5 percent

Do more people watch the Super Bowl or the UFCA championship?


Why do cities want to host the Super Bowl?

Cities want to host the Super Bowl, because it brings in people. When people come they spend money, and the whole economy is boosted in that city. It is also a great honor to host the Super Bowl as millions of people watch this event.

How do you watch the Super Bowl on a mac for free?

first of the super bowl is free

Why is an ad so expensive during the Super Bowl?

cause millions of people watch it

Do more people watch the Super Bowl or the Oscar's?

cash cab is a TV gameshow

Will people that use a converter box be able to watch the Super Bowl?

It depends on what Channel its on

How many people are watching this years Super Bowl?

It depends on how many people want to watch it. And it can vary because some people may not watch the whole game.

What are some fun activities for children to do during the Super Bowl?

Let them watch the SUPER BOWL

How many tuned in to watch the 2000 super bowl?

based on the nielsen ratings, the 2000 super bowl drew a 43.3 rating, which represents approximately 48,842,400 people in the United States.

Are Super Bowl commercials funny?

Sometimes the commercials are funny. Basically there are some people who watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and to see how funny they are. It's all a matter of opinion.