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Q: What do mockingbirds and longhorns have in common?
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What do mockingbirds have in common with the human race?

They Both Sing

What are longhorns habitat?

Texas. Texas longhorns duuhhh.

What eats longhorns?

Longhorns eat grass and Forbes.

Is Texas A and M the Longhorns?

incorrect, they are the Aggies, University of Texas is the Longhorns

When was Weinheim Longhorns created?

Weinheim Longhorns was created in 1990.

What is the best thing about the longhorns?

THE LONGHORNS FREAKIN RULE! WE WHERE UNDEFEATED IN 07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which team is better Longhorns or the USC Trojans?

Texas Longhorns by miles

What NCAA school has the most popular apparel?

Answer Texas longhorns!Texas longhorns!

When was Texas Longhorns football created?

Texas Longhorns football was created in 1893.

What is a mockingbirds habitat?

Hedgerows, suburban lawns, cut over woodlands, pasture land. A very adaptable and common song bird.

How are mockingbirds killed?


Why are mockingbirds eating the petals of white iris?

Mockingbirds like fruit. They do not like seeds. They are not known for eating iris.