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a medium such as air.

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Q: What do mechanical waves travel through?
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What do Mechanical waves must travel through?

Mechanical waves may travel through any medium except vacuum.

How mechanical and electromagnetic wave are different?

The biggest difference is that mechanical waves require a medium to travel through and electromagnetic waves do not.

Mechanical waves require what?

Mechanical waves require media through which they can travel.

Can Seismic waves travel through space?

NO! Seismic waves can't travel through space. They are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves require going through mediums and there isn't a medium in space.

Due mechanical waves need a medium to travel through?

Yes, mechanical waves do need a medium in order to travel. Other waves, such as light, do not (thus they can travel through space).

Can both electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves move throgh space?

Yes, but mechanical waves need matter to travel through. EM waves can travel through vacuums as well.

Electromagnetic waves can travel through a?


Why are sound waves not considered a mechanical wave?

Mechanical waves are waves that require a medium in which to travel, i.e., a solid or fluid. As sound needs a medium to travel, sound is a mechanical wave.

Most waves that travel through a substance are what kind of waves?

Mechanical waves

Unlike mechanical waves electromagnetic waves can travel through .?


What do electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves have in common?

They can both travel through a medium.

What waves does mechanical travel through?

A mechanical wave can travel through a medium with mass and elasticity. Examples are air and water (sound waves), earth (earthquakes).