What do lions play?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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football Detroit

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Q: What do lions play?
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In what city do the lions play in?

the lions play in Detriot MI.

What sport do the British Lions play?

The British Lions, now known as the British and Irish Lions, play rugby union football.

Are lions safe to play with?

no beacuse lions are like tiger and they are omnivorse

What is the lions football state?

The Detroit Lions play in the State of Michigan.

What division does lions bears and packers play in?

The Lions, Bears, Packers (and the Vikings too) play in the NFC North.

Who does the Detroit Lions play for in football?

The Detriot Lions play for the NFL (National Football League, they are in the NFC Central Division.

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What do tiger and lions like to do?

play and hunt

How long do lions play?

till they get tired

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