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"Line Umpires" watch the lines or boundaries of the tennis court. They decide whether the ball lands in or out. However in a final arguement, the Chair Umpire has the final call.

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Q: What do line umpires do in tennis?
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Do tennis have referees?

Yes, they have several. Such as, Chair Umpires and Line Umpires.

What are the roles and responsibilities off umpires in tennis?

In junior tennis umpires are there so solve disputes and to overrule bad line calls. They cannot call the balls for the kids but only overrule a bad one.

What Games Have Umpires?

Some games that have umpires are: o Cricket o Tennis

How many umpire's assisstants in tennis game?

The Chair Umpire may have up to ten assistants also called Line Umpires in tennis games.

Who are the officials in the game tennis?

i don't know. go and ask your mom. !officials of tennis include chair umpires, line umpires, ball boys and therapists.they generally judge whether the ball is in or out, and make calls for different shots.

How much do tennis umpires get paid?

£10 an hour

How many umpires in a game of tennis?

There is only 1.

What is the length of the umpires chair in a lawn tennis game?

There is no rule or regulation for the dimensions of umpires chairs in any respect.

How are umpires chosen for the US Open tennis tournament?

by their ranking

What levels of fitness do umpires need in table tennis?


What is the distance from the net to the umpires chair in a lawn tennis court?

There is no rule or regulation for the dimensions of umpires chairs in any respect, including the distance from the net.

What does a referee make at the US Open for tennis?

Well, if by 'referee' you don't really mean 'line umpire' or 'chair umpire', then I would say around 10k for the tournament depending on the level (there are deputy referees and then the head/tournament referee). line umpires make in the mid-100's range per day. For chair umpires, it depends on what level they are.

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