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Taylormade offers four options for wedges in their iron sets, listed below from longest distance to shortest:

  • PW - pitching wedge, 44o
  • AW - approach or "attack" wedge, 49o
  • SW - sand wedge, 54o
  • LW - lob wedge, 59o
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Q: What do letters on taylormade golf clubs mean?
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There really is no "best brand" of golf clubs these days. All the major companies (Taylormade, Callaway, Nike, Ping, Cleveland) are so competitive with their clubs and the technology in them so really the only thing it comes down to is which clubs do you like the best. Go to a proshop and test clubs out, maybe you will find with a Taylormade driver you hit it 15 yards further than with a Nike driver. Both drivers probably have the same specs like a 460cc head, high MOI, specific weighting technology that allows you to hit the ball straighter. It is whatever club you feel most comfortable with. NEVER buy the most expensive club you can find and buy it without trying it out, just because it is 500 bucks doesn't mean its gonna make you a scratch golfer.

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The only set of clubs that i know of that has an E club, are clubs manufactured by Ben Hogan. The E club is the same or another name for a pitching wedge. According to the Ben Hogan website, it is called the 'equalizer' it is called so because Mr Hogan believed it completed or equalized a set of clubs.

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