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On ice

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What is Alpine skiing

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What is Alpine skiing

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What condition results when muscles waste away because of neglect

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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Q: What do ice skaters skate on?
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Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

What is the name of the place that ice skaters skate?

Ice rink

Where does skaters skate?

Ice skaters skate on frozen lakes/ponds/rinks Skateboarders skate anywhere! Even frozen ponds and lakes. Hey, it's possible! They skate at skate parks, regular parks, stairs, rails, ramps, benches, anywhere! :)

What weather is needed to speed skate?

Considdering you skate on ice..... it needs to be cold, -5 is perfect becasue there's ice... and it's not too cold for the skaters.

Where do figure skaters skate when there was no ice rink?

They skated on frozen rivers and lakes.

Do ice skaters skate on water?

Technically speaking, yes. Ice is just the solidified version of water, after all.

Where do ice skaters wait for their turn to skate in competitions?

In a dungeon surrounded by grizzly bears.

How do you say ice skaters in french?

well to ice skate is patin and ice skating is patinage so an ice skater i think is faire du patin.

How do figure skaters keep moving across the ice at high speeds for long times while seldom pumping their skates?

well really, figure skaters are constantly pumping their legs when they skate. They do crossovers, which are pulls that you do when you skate backwards and forwards, and it gives you a lot of speed! :)

Why do ice skaters have sharper edge even though it creates a larger pressure on ice and damage the ice skate ring?

It doesn't damage the ice because the zamboni can fill in any cracks.

Why is hot water used for hockey rinks?

Most likely because the hot water slightly melts the bumps in the ice and then freezes creating a smooth layer of ice for the skaters to skate on.

What is a skaters attitude?

I want to go skate.

How do ice skaters glide so smooth across the ice?

The weight of a skater is concentrated in the thin blades of the skate, which exert enough pressure on the ice to cause some of it to melt. The water then lubricates the skate, which moves almost frictionlessly across the ice. Even without lubrication, ice tends to be quite slippery. So as long as the skater can remain balanced, the movement is quite smooth.

How do you unlock all skaters in skate 2?

you do stuff

What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

What is a good skate team name?

Tater Skaters

Who is Tyson bowerbank?

He is one o the skaters for Darkstar that skate brand

What is a good name for a skate team?

oh a good name...for a skate team...thats about...nah...oh i hav it! ok...Skater's Ice! or maybe Rockin' Skaters! idk those r some choices tho

How many people are on the ice in an ice hockey match?

There are 5 people who "skate out" as it is called. They are the ones other than the goalies. There is one goalie on the ice per team. So the answer to your question is that unless there is a penalty there are 6 skaters on the ice per team.

How tall is Peggy Fleming?

she about 6.2 feet tall thank you Barely 5' 2"; said she was 5'4" to face easier competition in the run ups. There are no tall female figure skaters of note. The center of gravity must be low for the jumps.......tall skaters can do speed skating, and ice dancing. They remain an insult to the ice trying to figure skate.

What has the author Dorothy Hamill written?

Dorothy Hamill has written: 'Dorothy Hamill on and off the ice' -- subject(s): Biography, Figure skaters, Ice skaters, Juvenile literature, Women figure skaters, Skaters

What is the difference using figure skates versus hockey skates?

Figure skate blades are typically wider than hockey skate blade. In addition to that, figure skates weigh less, allowing skaters to jump with a lot more ease and tend to allow skaters to be more agile. Figure skates also have a pick at the front/toe end of the blade to allow skaters to stop at a precise point, whereas the blade on hockey skates is rounded on the front. the ice skate also has a straighter blade, which is why they can have hard guards, but hockey skates can only ware those soft, round guards.

How many skaters are named Corey?

my name is Corey and i skate for osiris shoes

Does the word skaters have a long a?

Yes. The A is long as in "skate" or slate. The E is silent.

How do you say ice skate in spanish?

To ice skate is patinar.