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Practice sculls(A.K.A. fishes),stroking,dips,backward skating, and stops (snowplow stops).

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Q: What do i need to to to pass Pre-alpha in figure skating?
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What is the legal age to be in figure ice skating?

You have to be 16 years old to teach figure skating. But you must also have to pass the level/test that you want to teach for example if i was on intermitted i can't teach senior move in the field or freestyle. If you just want to learn, there is no limit to how old you must be! Find a class for adults or children and get started. I hope i helped :)

How many people pass figure skating nationals and go on to the Olympics?

This article is part of the FAQ list for (amateur) competitive figure skating. This section covers questions about specific skaters and events. This FAQ list is posted monthly to It is available in both plain-text and HTML/Web versions. You can get to the HTML version from SkateWeb at URL:

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How good at figure skating do you need to be to be able to compete in nationals?

It depends on what level and age you are. For, singles skating novice you have to be younger and must be able to do doubles and some attempt triples. In junior you have to do double and triples. And in seniors, the level that goes to the olympics, you mostly do triples. For all the levels, you must pass a moves in the field test and a freeskate test. Also to go to nationals you must qualify at regionals and sectionals unless you are competing in seniors and were in the top 5 the previous year. Hope this helps. it depends how old you are

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Can you still be in the Olympics at 16 and start figure skating at 11?

Technically, yes, but it would be quite complex and difficult. In order to compete at the Olympics, you must have passed all of your field move and free style tests as sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating through the senior level. The senior level is the highest of eight levels. At each level, you must successfully pass the field moves test before taking the freestyle test. For most skaters, it takes about six months to learn and perfect the elements for each level, but as you go up the levels this can take longer. Also, the maturity of skating and quality needed to compete at a high level nationally and internationally take many years to develop. So, I would say that while this is a possible reality, I would suggest setting a more realistic goal that will allow you to enjoy skating and being the best you can be.

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