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Q: What do high jumpers try to jump over?
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How do you get better at high jump?

o get better at high jump try to do some short sprints and try jumping high from a standstill posstion

How do you get past the river in the underworld on poptropica?

I'am still doing it, but try ... to jump over the spike,crouch down for the head, jump high over the monster. ;) GOOD LUCK

What can you do to break a leg?

Jump from the stairs from a really high distance and try to do a wrong landing.

What does the saying Wait until the tree has fallen over before you jump over it mean?

To not event TRY to jump over trees, instead jump over the trunk and LIVE

How do you get past the lazers in pop tropica?

you jump from one to one window try to jump as high as you can

I can high jump 4'2'' but I would like to know if there are any drills or anything that could help me improve my height. How can I improve my high jump height?


Can you try to list of the track and field events?

track fieldrunning high jumplong jump long jumphurdles triple jump

On Poptropica how do you get pass the goat and big rock?

you jump over the goat and then when the rock comes you have to either duck under it and/or (try) to jump over that,too!

Where can you place a book bag on the floor so no one can jump over it?

If you put a bookbag in the corner of a room no one willl be able to jump over it.

What game has pegs you jump over and try to get down to 1 peg?


What are some exercises to help track triple jump?

Try doing some explosive box squats. To jump as high and as fast as possible try to squat 2-3 times your bodyweight.

How do you jump high in n64?

Well for Mario 64 the high jump or triple jump is achieved by moving forward and pressing the jump button once and landing and again right after and final one last time for the highest jump. For other games, try double pushing the jump button or holding it down longer as you jump, this can sometimes further the distance of a jump or jump higher. .j.