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The 19th Hole

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Q: What do golfers call the bar on the golf course?
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What do golfers call a bar on a golfcourse?

we call it a diddle

Can a golf course allow people to buy beer from the snack bar and take it out on a golf course if they have a beer license and a beer cart license?

That might vary by locality, but I know its allowed in WI. However, it is illegal for customers/golfers to bring their liquor onto the premises.

What do you call a 19Th hole in golf?

The 19th hole can be the first playoff hole after a round of golf, but it is another name for the bar after the round.

What is a golf membership?

Golf membership is basically belonging to a club. Where the member has acces to the course, clubhouse and any other things such as the bar and snooker room etc.

What place you'd hate your boss to catch you at after you called in sick?

Bar Mall Movies Ball Game Beach Golf course

Golf Courses: What Makes the Best?

Most people who are avid golfers, want to play on the courses that are considered great. But, what most people wonder is just what makes a golf course great? Is it the location of the golf course or something else? The location of the golf course does help, however, there are those golf courses that are located in areas that offer nothing else. Therefore, location is not everything when speaking of golf courses and their reputation. One reason why so many golf courses are highly reputable deals with the history behind the golf course. If there has been many famous people play on the course, then the reputation of the course increases and attracts more people. Secondly, the service that is offered on the golf course. For example, many low ranked golf courses offer no service for someone to carry the bags and so forth. Those golf courses that are considered the best always offer chauffeurs and bag handlers for those that golf on the area. Another aspect that makes a golf course considered great is if the course makes people want to return. If people are just coming to the golf course playing a round and then leaving with no looking back, then chances are the golf course is not considered one of the greatest. Those golf courses that are the best are those that have a level of difficulty that is entertaining to those that play in the area, but yet, keeps them wanting to come back in order to out do their own score time after time. The club that is offered on the golf course also plays a huge role in making these golf courses considered one that is great. If the club house offers a full dining meal, bar, other amenities such as a spa and so forth, then more than likely the golf course is considered one of the best in the area. All of these aspects go together in order to give what many people consider the best golf courses to play on and visit. However, each player will have a different view and each player may find that the best golf courses that are judged by professionals are not the best for them since it is a personal preference.

What to call a pink chocolate bar?

you call a pink chocolate bar a starwberryocolate bar

What font for Milwaukee beer logo?

Golf Bar

What is the 19th hole in golf?

The club house (bar)

What is a call to the bar?

A call to the bar is an admission to practice in law courts.

What are the amentiies of Slaley Hall hotel?

It is a gorgeous mansion in the Northumberland moorland and forest with plenty of grounds to walk on. It features 1000 acres, a golf course, and even a bar.

What is the name of the bar in a golf clubhouse called?

19th hole

What do you call the bar on top of a repeating decimal?

A bar.

What is 0.6 with an infinity bar as a decimal?

0.6 with an infinity bar, of course!

What is a bar review?

A bar review is a course of study designed to prepare an individual for a bar examination.

What do you call the vertical bar in a fraction?

There is no vertical bar in a fraction. A fraction is written with either a horizontal bar or a slanted bar, which is technically called a "vinculum", but most people call it a "fraction bar".

What do they call a bar in Australia?

A bar is usually referred to as a "Pub".

What do they call a bar or cafe in Jamaica?

A bar is called a bar. A cafe is called a cafe.

Where would you have to go to play a round of golf in snow in quebec?

Quebec, Canada It's only natural that the home of the Ice Hotel and Winter Carnival would also play host to one of the few snow golf courses in North America. Golfers only need to drive a mere 30 minutes from enchanting Quebec City to get to St. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, where the winter sport is offered through April. Thanks to average temperatures in the high 30s F, in what would typically be spring, avid snow golfers can come to la belle province to extend their extreme sporting seasons. St. Catherine's course itself is not much different than other snow golf courses, but what makes it so unique is its proximity to the famed Ice Hotel. After a few rounds of golf, players can have a few rounds of drinks in the hotel's excellent and frosty bar.

What do you call a bumpy street candy bar?

cand bar

What do you call silver bar fish in hindi?

chandi bar machi

What do you call the bar where you type in data to enter it into a cell?

It is the cursor of the i-bar.

What chocolate bar does the Roman God of War love to eat?

A Mars bar, of course.

How do you install a tow bar on VW Golf Mark 5?

join and search for the answer on there

What do you call the horizontal bar in a fraction?

The horizontal bar in a fraction is called a vinculum or, informally, a "fraction bar".