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You are probably refering to a "bogey" and an "eagle". Each hole on a Golf course has a specific number of shots it should take a player to get his/her golfball from tee to hole(cup). This number is refered to as "par". There are par 3,4, and 5 holes on a golf course. On an eighteen hole course, these holes combine for a total of par 70-72 depending on how many par 3,4, and 5 holes the course contains. If a person takes 3 strokes on a par 4, this would be a "birdie" ( 1 under par on that hole). The scoring for a par 4 hole is like this: 2 over (6)= double bogey

1 over (5)= bogey

even (4)= par

1 under (3)= birdie

2 under (2)= eagle Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Q: What do golf shots boogie eagle mean?
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