What do giants wear?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What do giants wear?
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What number will Mark DeRosa wear for the San Francisco Giants?

DeRosa will wear No. 7 for the Giants during the 2010 season.

Which jerseys will the Giants wear in Super Bowl XLII?


Will the San Francisco Giants wear the alternate jersey in 2009?


What color uniform will the giants wear in the super bowl?


What number did Frank Gifford wear for the NY Giants?


What number did Brian Kelly wear for the New York Giants?


Why do Red Sox and Giants not wear names?

Because the Yankees don't

What style facemask does Keith bulluck of the NY giants wear?

its a DNA

What color uniform do the giants wear?

Blue and yellow you should know this

What number did Fran Tarkenton wear?

#10 for both the Vikings and Giants.

What color will the giants wear to the Super Bowl against the patriots?


Do the ny giants wear red jersey's?

The New York Giants Alternate Red jersey has been worn 3 times by the Giants and has been retired as of 2009.