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Their main job is to be the QB and RBs personal blocker

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Q: What do fullbacks do in American football?
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How many fullbacks are in the ace formation in college football?

It ussually has no fullbacks. It is a one back style of offense.

What does the fullback do in high school football?

The Fullbacks job is to be a lead blocker for the tailback(running back). Fullbacks can also receive and run the ball.

Best fullbacks in world football?

Lahm... the German can attack and defend better then anyone

What does a halfback do in football?

the objective in football is to get the ball in to the touchdown zone then running back are behind the quarterback. they are the players who run the ball block for the qb and go out for pass and fullbacks are the power backs

Are there any fullbacks in the NFL Hall of Fame?

There are no fullbacks in the Hall of Fame because I said so!

What is the most important football player position?

The two most important positions (they're equally vital) are guards and fullbacks. The quarterback is the team's leader, but if the other side slams him into the ground every play your team won't do well. Guards and fullbacks prevent this from happening.

What are the release dates for Heavy Fullbacks - 1926?

Heavy Fullbacks - 1926 was released on: USA: 18 October 1926

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

What numbers do fullbacks wear in the NFL?

Like running backs, fullbacks are restricted to uniform numbers between 20 and 49.

Is Iceland football like American football?

No, Iceland football is different from American football.

What actors and actresses appeared in Heavy Fullbacks - 1926?

The cast of Heavy Fullbacks - 1926 includes: Frank Alexander Hilliard Karr

How many fullbacks are on the soccer field?

Honestly it just all depends on the formation your team uses my team use three fullbacks

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