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Q: What do french school children wear for pe?
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Why did Victorian children do a drill for pe in school?

They didnt, they just called P.E drill

What subjects do the French learn in school?

French, Mathematics, Physics and chemistry, English, Spanish, geography and history, pe, natural science, and music.

What is pe in french?

Pe is the short for "Peut-être" which mean "Maybe"

What benefits do children get from doing PE in school?

Promotes physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, fights childhood obesity

How do you Pronounce small in French?

pe-tee (masculine) or pe-teet (feminine)

Does the school Basis have PE?

Yes the middle school 5th graders have kempo, 6th grades have kickboxing or normal PE and 7th and up has normal PE. In 7th PE is an elective.

What does a PE teacher wear?

A PE teacher wears a top and track suite bottoms

Can you wear contact lenses in pe?


How do you get out of doing PE?

If you don't go to school or if you have an injury you don't have to do PE.

Do you need pe to be a PE teacher?

Study lessons in school and uni to do with the body.

Why do you have to wear your pe uniform during PE?

So you don't stink up and damage your regular clothes.

What do you call pe for high school people?

It can be a sport or general pe. If you don't take a sport, you take general pe