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Q: What do football players yell during an interception and why?
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What do football players do before a game?


In football why does the defense yell oskey when there is a turnover?

It is to inform the defensive players that a turnover has been made and to instruct them to go into blocking mode.

Do football players yell BALL when theres a fumble?

that's what my Pop Warner coach taught us many years ago

What is bison-ten-yell day?

Celebrate the bicentennial birthday of Bison-Ten-Yell, the imaginary creator of a series of ten battle yells. His system was later adopted by football players and is still used today. See related link below.

What should you do when you hit a ball on to the green when the players in front are still on the green?

yell out FORE! and then wave to them and yell sorry about that

What can you do get shown on a jumbo screen at a football game?


Why do football coaches yell?

The players are wearing helmets which can make it hard to hear. Especially with all of the background noise. Not to mention you're on a timer and you can't be repeating yourself over and over.

Why do you yell fore in golf?

Golfers yell 'FORE' to let other players know that a ball is heading in their direction and that they should duck.

What can you do to get shown on jumbo screen at a football game?


How do you warn other players of an approaching ball in golf?

yell "FORE" as loud as you can!

Did Tony Dungy ever yell at colts?

He didn't need to yell because his philosophy was to command respect from his players through his role as an onfield teacher.

How do you use the word yell in a sentence?

Some examples would be: "I had to yell to get Gloria's attention." "My parents yell a lot during my softball games."