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In Grid Iron They just wear a t-shirt then their shoulder pads then their jersy.In Australian football all they wear is their their jersy.All male football players wear groin cups.

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Q: What do football players wear under their uniforms?
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What do football players wear under uniforms in the winter?

They don't wear under uniforms but some wear white or team color sweatshirts or a nylon-type of long sleeves.

How are baseball uniforms different than football uniforms?

Baseball uniforms are used for the sport of baseball and football uniforms are used for the sport of football. Football uniforms offer more protection from injuries since it is more of a contact sport. Baseball players wear hats for the most part rather than helmets like football players wear.

Something a football player wears under his uniform?

American football players wear many things under their uniform. These include shoulder pads and thigh pads. If you are talking international football (soccer) then the main piece of equipment players wear under their uniforms are shin guards.

What do football players wear under a girdle?

They wear a cup and protective pads

What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?


What brand of uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

All of the MLB players currently wear Majestic uniforms.

Other than a jockstraps do football players wear underwear while they play?

They wear under armor.

Do football players wear underwear?

Yes, underwear to protect the under area

What is the history of netball uniforms?

what uniforms did netball players wear in the early 1900's

Do NFL players wear diapers under their uniforms?

Absolutely not, however some players have been known to 'go' when playing football in hopes of distracing opposing players. However, the last time I heard anyone do this was back in the 60's and 70's. A few years before my time.

Does tennis require uniforms?

No tennis doesn't have uniforms. It is not a team game, but individual players. Players often wear a particular style of dress.

Do NBA players wear new uniforms for each game?


What major league baseball players wear jersey?

They wear majestic uniforms on the field

What is the uniform code for ihsa football?

the IHSA has many rules for football uniforms and you would have to check the wbsite to see them all. I do know players are not allowed to wear coloured visors of any kind.

Why do football players wear black paint under their eyes?

to stop the glare from the sun or lights

What did the players wear when football first started?

most football players wore what they do now, but they used to wear leather helmets

Do MLB players wear new uniforms for each game?


Do you wear socks under football socks?

Many players wear socks, stockings, or some other cloth layer under their shin guards to prevent chaffing.

Do ping pong players wear uniforms?

yes, they do wear uniforms. they wear things like jerseys according to what they want. Or they might create their own design of what play clothing they want.

Do Florida International University cheerleaders wear bras or panties under their cheerleading uniforms?

Most cheerleaders wear sports bras and lollies or spanks under their uniforms

What kind of shoes to football players wear?

Football cleats.

What kind of shose do football players wear?

Football cleats.

What do football players wear under there helmets?

some where "skull caps" which is like a compression type of material but in high school its a rule that you can't wear anything under your helmet

What is a football cleat?

it is what football players wear on their feet wile playing football

What do English football players have to wear?

its just called football they have to wear clothes