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Q: What do fans wear to Miami Heat home games?
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What arena do Miami Heat play in?

The Heat play their home games at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

What city is home to sports teams the Heat and the Dolphins?

The Heat (NBA) and the Dolphins (NFL) play their home games in Miami, Florida.

What are prices for Miami Heat tickets?

The prices for tickets to Miami Heat home games are variable depending on the location of the desired seats. For a complete listing of prices for available seating, visit the official Miami Heat website.

Who made the Miami heat jersey?

it is not known who really come up with the design of the miami heat jersey. but we do know that there are three jersey's one for home games one for away games and one for tornaments.

Who is home next game with Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers?

Miami Heat

What state does Miami Heat play in?

The Miami Heat play at the American airlines arena

What state do the Miami Dolphins play their home games?

The Miami Dolphins play their home games in Florida.

What is the name of Miami Heat's home court?

The Miami Heat's home court is named the American Airlines Arena. The professional basketball team is located in Miami, Florida.

How come the Miami Heat wear black at home games when other NBA teams wear white?

The Miami Heat have an alternate all black uniform they wear on occasion at home starting in the 2011-2012 NBA Season in addition to their traditional white uniforms. This uniform is not to be confused with their black road uniforms, as they are two different color schemes as well as different material. Other alternate uniforms worn by the Miami Heat at home include the Latin Nights "El Heat" uniform, the "Throwback-Miami Floridians" uniform, and seldom the team will wear their alternate red uniform at home.

Are home and away fans separated at NBA games?

No they are not.

When do the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins play their home games?


How many games did Miami hurricanes win in a row home?

a lot