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Usually sweat tee shirts to absorb the sweat that may come on their bodies when they play cricket. Some cricketers even wear special tee shirts that cover their elbows to protect their hands and elbows from getting scratched when they dive to stop the ball or take a catch.

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Q: What do cricket players wear underneath their shirt?
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In Test matches and most Village Cricket players wear White, however in limited overs cricket players often wwear coloured clothes.

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Which sport do you wear a 'silk'?

In the sport of cricket, players wear a garment called a "silk" as part of their traditional cricket attire. A silk, also known as a "cricket sweater" or "cricket jumper," is a knitted woolen sweater worn over the cricket shirt. It is typically made of wool or a wool blend and features a V-neck design. The silk provides warmth and comfort to players during matches, especially in cooler weather conditions. Additionally, the silk may feature the team's colors or insignia, adding a touch of tradition and identity to the player's attire on the cricket field. Search Wholesale05 in Google.