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White grubs

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Q: What do cricket larvae look like?
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Do salamander larvae look like adults?


What does the Jerusalem cricket look like?

no such thing

What do ant larvae eat?

Ant larvae look like maggots. They can eat small pieces of insects that are brought to them by worker ants. Others will eat other ant larvae.

What do caterpillars look like when they are babies?

Caterpillar larvae look like segmented worms with almost invisible stubby legs.

What does a dragenfly larvae look like?

HMM, let me guess a cats face

What is a sentence using larvae?

Look at these ant larvae in this anthill.

You have found some dark brownred larvae look a bit like kidney beans but are cone shaped with conical ridges?

Dark brown or red larvae that look like kidney beans but are cone shaped might be the larvae of the pine borer beetle or the cone beetle. This type of larvae is common and might belong to a variety of beetle species depending on your area and location.

Can you feed a cricket food coloring?

You look like a rabbit (")-(") (='_'=) (____) (")_(")

What do sprintail larvae look like?

Springtail larvae are very tiny and you would have to have a magnifying glass to see any detail. They are white, almost clear and have ridges on their backs.

What does cricket faeces look like?

it looked like pepper at first but bigger and mushy.

What does a cricket mole look like?

its large and has forelimbs that are perfct for digging

What does roaches eggs look like?

Cockroach larvae do not look like most other larvae do. Instead of looking like many larvae do, which is mainly a tiny worm-like grub, baby cockroaches look like mini versions of adult cockroaches.