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Cricket Bats are made from wood of the Willow tree.

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Q: What do cricket hard ball bats need to be made from?
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From which tree ss cricket bats are made?

cricket bats are made from willow

What is the name of the person who pitches the ball in the game of Cricket?

If its made of leather, its called a cricket ball. If its made of a rubber, it is called a pudding ball.

When was the cricket ball made?


Do cricket bats grow on willow trees?

No , but most cricket bats are made from willow

Where cricket bats are made?

Cricket bats are made of Wood. Not all types of wood can be used to make cricket bats. They are made of coniferous wood also called as Willow. They are a special type of wood that are best suited for high performance cricket bats

Who made cricket ball at first?


Is mulbery tree is used for making cricket bats?

No. Cricket bats are made from willow and cane wood.

What do mean Wilow in Cricket?

Cricket bats are traditionally made from Willow. So if anyone is referring to Willow they will be referring to a bat. If a batsman is "swinging his willow around the pitch" he will be hitting the ball around.

Why are cricket bats so expensive?

It depends on the type of bat you want to buy. A normal tennis ball bat can be bought for as low as Rs. 150/- Quality tennis ball bats may cost you around Rs. 500/- If you want to buy a bat made of genuine willow that can be used for playing professional cricket matches with cricket balls you may have to shell out atleast Rs. 2000/- or more. Bats used by international cricketers may cost atleast 5 or 10 times more than normal cricket ball bats.

Where are the cricket bats made in India?


Where are Slazenger cricket bats made?


From what type of wood are cricket bats traditionally fashioned?

Cricket bats are made of English Willow with Malaysian cane handles.