What do cowboys eat on the trail?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Jelly beans, gorilla beas, porquipine beans, bee beans, orange beans, baked beans (only heinz of course), lorax beans, cupcake beans, roasted beans, poached beans, pig beans, scabby beans, beacon beans, boat beans, beard beans (baked beans dipped in the cowboy's closest friend's beard), armadillo beans and ben beans (invented by famous cowboy ben pratchett). Hope this helps! :-)

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Q: What do cowboys eat on the trail?
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Who removed the Indians during the trail of tears?

The Cowboys

Who drove the cattle on the Chisholm trail?

In the late 1800s the Chisolm trail was used to drive cattle by cowboys. The cowboys originated in Texas and drove the cattle to Kansas to be sold.

What is true about cowboys who traveled along the chisholm trail?

b. They traveled along the trail in search of trading opportunities.

Why was the Chisholm trail important to the cattlemen?

the chisholm trail was important because many cattlemen and cowboys used it to lead there cattle

Why do you suppose black cowboys were not accepted as foremen or trail bosses?

Black cowboys were not accepted as foremen or trail bosses because of discrimination. They were deemed not to be on the same level as their Caucasian counter parts because of the color of their skin.

What was the favorite route of cowboys driving herds to rail heads in the North?

Chisholm Trail

Why was cowboys life exhausting and dangerous?

A cowboy's life was dangerous because of animals, such as poisonous snakes, stampedes, and weather. It was exhausting because of the cattle drives, For example the Goodnight-Lovong trail, the Chisolmn trail and the Great Trail aka the Texas Trail.

Why did cowboys drive their cattle north from Texas to the Chisholm Trail?

Because that's where they needed to sell their cattle.

How did the first cattle trail improve the economy of eastern Indian Territory?

A cattle trail meant that cowboys and their cattle needed a place to stop and rest and eat, and also as a means and a place to sell their herd. More people that stop at an area encourage more stores, shops and other services that are needed to be built there.

What was the great western cattle trail used by cowboys to move cattle?

Probaly the Goodnight-Loving trail (not joking, the last names of the two guys who founded it were actually Goodnight and Loving)

Can hamsters eat planters trail mix?


Are cowboys able to eat the cows they moved?

Yes if they are hungry