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a win

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Bianca Garcia

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Q: What do clippers fans get when clippers win?
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Who do you think will be in the 2020 NBA Finals, and why?

I think it will be the Clippers and the Bucks or Clippers and Celtics. Clippers win it all though

Did the LA Clippers win a NBA final?


Who did the Miami Heat beat for the franchise's first win?

l.a. clippers

Who was the only Clippers player in franchise history to win a rebounding title?

Michael cage

What year did the clippers win the nba championship?

i'm not sure but i think they will win this year cuz they have chris paul blake griffin and deondre jordon

How many championship have the clippers won?

0 none (they didnt won any championship's yet ,,,,,,but they will going to win win 2012 playoffs ,,i wish..

Can North Carolina beat the NBA's worst team?

Definitely not- the Wizards, Bobcats, or Clippers would win hands down.

How can you write a sentence with when and win?

The fans wondered when their football team would win their first game .

Where are the clippers on Doctor Who?

`the nail clippers?

Do clipper fans exist?

No.some may like them but LA has the lakers. people have no reason to like clippers. but the celtics will dominate all anyway so it dont matter. ;)

What Help simple plan win prises?

Simple plan win prises because, Of there fans and there Music. There fans help them write new song and good songs. And there music because with no music it's hard to win prises.You Welcome

What is another word for toenail clippers?

Fingernail Clippers