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Q: What do cheerleaders wear under their skirts?
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What do cheerleaders wear under skirts?

Nothing. I hope.

Why do cheerleaders wear skirts?

I think that cheerleaders wear Skirts to bring out there pride

Why do cheerleaders wear pleated skirts?

Not all cheerleaders wear pleated skirts. Some like the look when the girls dance, and the movement you get.

Should NFL cheerleaders wear shorter skirts and shorts?


Why weren't cheerleaders featured in Super Bowl XVVIII?

cuz it was cold and they wear skirts

What do cheerleaders wear?

cheerleaders wear a small top, smal skirt, trainers and under the top thay wear a sports bra and under the skirt they wear sports nickers

Why do cheerleaders wear short skirts?

First of all if u wear long skirts it looks bad second when u jump ur skirt would get in the way and for flyers (top girls) it wouldn't let them pull their heel stretches, scorpions etc. that is why the wear short skirts

Why do women wear skirt?

Women wear skirts to cover themselves from the waist downwards . Cheerleaders whose costumes include skirts have them for style, since the skirt doesn't really do anything practical.

Do Florida International University cheerleaders wear bras or panties under their cheerleading uniforms?

Most cheerleaders wear sports bras and lollies or spanks under their uniforms

What do cheerleaders wear under their spankies?


What do hula girls wear under their grass skirts?

what do hula girls wear under their grass skirts

What do cheerleaders wear under their boots?

jock straps

What do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders wear under their shorts?

spandex, best guess..

Are cheerleaders skirts too short?

heck no

Tennis players wear skirts?

Yes tennis players do where skirts!! Well..... Kinda they where skorts which are skirts with shorts attached under neath.

Do the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders wear underwear under their uniforms?

Only they know for sure!

Should you wear tights under skirts?

It depends on the skirt

What should you do if your 11-year-old daughter doesn't wear underwear under a short skirt?

Don't let her wear skirts or make her wear shorts or leggings under skirts otherwise you could buy skorts(skirt with built in shorts) for her.

How do you dress like a cheerleader?

competitve cheerleaders wear short skirts and longsleeve belly shirts. you wear glitter on your eyes and have your hair in a high ponytail in a bow. You also have white sneakers. ;) Hope that helped!

Can cheerleaders wear skin color tights under their skirt?

Sure, lots do.

What did girls used to wear under their skirts?

Girls used to wear petticoats

What do girls wear under skirts?

Panties and a pair shorts under the skirt that cover the panties to stop you from seeing them

What do cheerleaders wear under their skirt?

other than there underwear they wear "bloomers" or short shorts otherwise known as spankies

What do cheerleaders do when they catch a fan looking up their skirts?

we have spankies on for a reason

What do male cheerleaders wear?

male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture: